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 Les murs et clôtures.

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Segata Kenshirō
Jesus is a true pussy sore loser blah blah
Jesus is a true pussy sore loser blah blah

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MessageSujet: Les murs et clôtures.   Mer 24 Fév - 23:36


Understanding how the wall plays a part in the VF5 system can be critical to survival. Whether your back or your opponent's is close to the wall, there are various factors that you must consider to ensure survival. Ignoring just one could cost you a lot of life, or even the round!

This section aims to explain the different types of walls and the hit effects caused by them. Knowing the risks associated with being in close proximity to a wall makes ring positioning just as important as it is in open stages.

Wall Types

There are two types of stage enclosures that are found in VF5. They are:

Fences: these are low enclosures where Ring Outs are possible by knocking the opponent into the air and over the fence.
Walls: these are high enclosures where you cannot Ring Out, but Mid Air Wall Hits are possible as well as wall throws.
Wall Hit

A Wall Hit is a special hit effect induced by an attack hitting the opponent into wall. It causes them to be briefly stunned for a short time. This stun will sometimes allow combos to connect on normal hit where they otherwise wouldn't.

A Wall Hit is a good way to set up a throw or catch throw against the opponent. While the opponent is stunned, your throw can begin executing uncontested and by the time they've recovered from the stun, they must deal with the throw by either Throw Escaping or using an attack to beat or clash the throw.

A Wall Hit is caused by attacks that do less than 21 points of damage.

Wall Stagger

A Wall Stagger is a special hit effect induced by an attack hitting the opponent into the wall. It causes them to be staggered for a period of time where they are vulnerable to attacks. The opponent can struggle to reduce the stagger time.

A Wall Stagger is a good way to set up high damage combos by quickly following up with a crumbling attack while the opponent is staggered, and continuing into a combo. For opponents who can struggle fast enough, mixing up between a mid attack and throw is a strong tactic.

A Wall Stagger is caused by attacks that do 21 points of damage or more.

Mid Air Wall Hit

Also known as a Wall Splat.

A Mid Air Wall Hit, as the name suggests, is an effect induced by some throws or knock down attacks that result in the opponent splatting against the wall. Once they splat, they're vulnerable to further attacks and combos. If left alone, the opponent will simply fall to the ground in a Face Down Head Towards position and is unable to perform Fall Recovery.

Keeping Safe

Some of the things you should consider if you want to keep safe when near a wall.

Throw Escape Priorities: Apart from special wall throws, some characters have strong throw setups when used near a wall, where they would otherwise be harmless. Knowing what these throws are and escaping them as a priority when you're near a wall is important. See this throw escape guide for suggestions.
Long Range Attacks: If your back is to the wall, some players may not prefer to close in on you (for fear of getting position switched) and instead will attack you from long range. If you can anticipate these attacks, especially if your opponent has some favourites, then you could potentially turn the tables on them.
Don't Evade too much: Many players, with their backs to the wall (or an open ring) will try to DM or OM to improve their ring position. If you're opponent is wise to this, they can take advantage of you and make you pay. So, hold your ground as best you can and if they instead get predictable with anti-evade tactics (like using a circular attack), then you have your chance to punish them!
These ideas for keeping safe apply equally well in open stages too.
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Les murs et clôtures.
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